Monday, June 27, 2011

Bristol AutoCulture - MA Thesis project

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  1. I saw this via the Bristol Cars - Owners and Enthusiasts Forum, and I just wanted to say how very impressed I am. I've always admired Bristols but they had become really dated. This to me looks like a Bristol but bang up to date, with styling that, in true Bristol tradition, could last for many years.

    From a production point of view, I think one or two things, like the 'collar' around the side and rear windows, would need to be toned down a little but it is, for all that, one of the most refreshing pieces of automotive styling I've seen for a long time. If this car were rationalised for production, it'd be top of my wish list. I just hope it, or something very close to it becomes a showroom reality one day.

    A first class effort and I wish you a successful future.

    Best wishes

    Simon Lucas